How to Make a Proper PPSR Search for Your Vehicle?


An official online register, the Personal Property Securities Register can be used to find out whether a loan provider is interested in the occupation or claiming of a property that you are thinking of purchasing – such as a car. It is possible to do PPSR search online on your own. If you wish to save the hassles, you can pay a private company to conduct the register check for you.

How to Check the Register on Your Own?

You can check it online at the government website, all through the day and on all days of the week. You can search it with the help of any computer that can access the web. It is also possible to access it from PCs that are located in spots such as libraries, Government departments and Courts.

It is possible to look for a security interest by using either the name of seller of the property, or the individual who possibly owes some debt to the one holding interest on the property. You may also conduct searches by using the property details, such as the chassis number or the registration number of your car.

Searching for PPSR information costs 1 USD each and every time. You may use a credit card to pay for this online. You may also create an account and pay later. There is no cost to set up an account on a government website.

How Can Private Agencies Conduct the Search?

Private agencies often use “Autocheck”, listed in a phonebook, to look for registered security interests in cars. The Autocheck covers various types of vehicles, such as trailers, tractors, motorcycles, trucks and cars. You have to provide the company with the chassis and registration numbers of your vehicle for PPSR search. Ensure that you give only the numbers that are imprinted on your car, and not those mentioned on your ownership documents. If you are informed by Autocheck that there is no security interest registered on your car, you can be safe to purchase until 9 AM of the following day. In case you wish to purchase it after that period, you again need to check with Autocheck and ensure that in the meantime there has been no security registration.

At present, there is no private phone service yet that offers the ease of checking registered interests in properties apart from vehicles. You will possibly be capable of searching and finding legal professional search agents from the Yellow Pages who will be able to check your property PPSR details for you. Although making a self-search can be cheaper for you, searching through a private company means no hassles for you.

Many people wonder whether private agencies can actually look for registered security interests for customers. However, this is entirely possible. If you lack a credit card or feel that is not of any use to start a PPSR account, in case you are unlikely to use it again for long, hiring private agencies to search for security interests is always a better idea.